Account Services Coordinator

Get to knowAbby Shimanek


“It is so rewarding to be able to assist clients with their marketing needs for their business by implementing effective digital strategies and social media trends.”

Abby Shimanek

A Fun Fact About
Me is...

Abby finished 8th in the Baltimore County Women’s High School Golf Championship in 2016

My Favorite Pizza
Topping is...

EXTRA cheese please!!

My Favorite Place in
Maryland is...

Between Loch Raven Reservoir, Camden Yards, and Ocean City, I can’t decide!

It’s time you stop wearing so many hats.


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Zest's Account Strategists work as the communications and management specialists often missing from the equation for clients in their marketing efforts. Their role is solely focused on driving success for our clients and their teams.

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You need people, but you don't necessarily need to hire them full-time. OutZesting provides the fractional labor support you need across our four core disciplines - consulting, digital marketing, creative services, and website development... for less than the cost of a full-time employee.