Kacey Conlon Business Development & Communications Specialist

Born and raised in the Pizza Capital of America (New Haven), Kacey moved to Baltimore to study Accounting and Marketing at Loyola University. Kacey serves as a Business Development and Communications Specialist here at Zest. With an excitement for enhancing client experience and an eye for detail, Kacey supports clients in their transition from the sales to service team. When Kacey isn’t at Zest, she enjoys hiking (with Harper’s Ferry being her favorite trail) and trying new restaurants in the city. An avid reader with an itch for stateside travel, Kacey will trade book recommendations for travel tips!

The Goods

Currently Binging: Billions

Latest Minor Life Accomplishment: Crossing Portland, ME and Charleston, SC off my travel bucket list

Dance Move: Kelly Kapoor on The Office has better moves than me

Beer of Choice: Whiskey, please!

Do you need to chat with Kacey? Send an email at kacey@zestsms.com