Katie Rusnak Ellis Vice President, Consulting & Management

Katie is a young professional interested in business innovation, social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and international development. At Zest, she is responsible for accelerating the success of a host of digital marketing clients’ brand. She works with them as an extension of their team to plan, organize and execute marketing campaign initiatives. Katie is also tasked with business development work as well as producing thought leadership content for Zest.

Katie is a strong leader who is always looking for new and innovative ways of completing the task at hand. She speaks too many languages, has visited and lived in too many different countries, and has been involved in far too many different impressive organizations for us to trust her birth certificate. We’re on to her.

The Goods

Currently Binging: Mint chocolate chip ice cream...oh wait, did you mean a TV show?

Latest Minor Life Accomplishment: Generally adulting. Oh and I got married, but nbd.

Dance Move: The Awkward Dancer

Beer of Choice: Golden Monkey...or really just any Tripel above 9% ABV

Do you need to chat with Katie? Send an email at katie@zestsms.com
Or give us a call (877) 443-ZEST x103

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