Your future office

I don’t often spill the beans on this secret, but I am sort of psychic. It’s true. I have the ability to predict most any future office.

I can see yours now. It’s white. There are pictures displayed along the middle of it. The background seems clean. I can read the listing address. It reads, “”.

So maybe I’m not Nostradamus, but I’m not lying either. The dynamics of the relationship between businesses and potential clients is changing rapidly and drastically. The modes for finding people and businesses are progressively relying more on internet search engines. As a result, businesses need to consider all the ways they are being represented, like an office for example.

Consider everything that goes into an office. Professionals dedicate considerable time, money, and resources into their office.  They purchase offices in convenient locations with pretty views. They have it decorated in a manner that they believe best reflects them. They pay for a cleaning crew to keep it tidy. They staff people who will interact with both internal and external publics in the appropriate manner.

Consider this. There is a generation of people growing into potential clients that will never step foot in your office. The modes in which they have been groomed to research differ staunchly from generations of the past.

This generation of people is capable of locating information faster and more easily than ever before. They expect results instantaneously. They get them, too. If they cannot achieve the results instantaneously then they find a quicker alternative. This generation of buyers largely will not conduct the due diligence of research beyond plugging a name or a phrase into Google and Facebook. So the issue is what your office looks like online.

Imagine this. Someone out there unknown to you is ready to spend. Not only are they ready to spend, but they want to spend whatever it takes to get the job done. This could be the turning point for the firm. They walk up the stairs to your office. They open the door, and they get confused. They had the name spelled right, they went to the right place, but you are not there.

Instead, there are pictures of a dozen different people on the walls. Your logo is not anywhere to be found. The receptionist does not speak the same language and cannot understand what the person wants. That potential client gets frustrated and leaves.

This is the online office of many businesses. The problem for many professionals is that despite gorgeous and well run offices on top floors of expensive buildings, their online office does not show it.  Their online office is a collection of loosely affiliated terms and links that disable the client from finding them.

The password to renovating your online office is S.E.O. “Search Engine Optimization” is an online business strategy with constantly growing importance. Web professionals everywhere are revising their current strategies as to best accommodate S.E.O.

S.E.O. is a technologically complicated concept with very simple ramifications. It deals with the many variables search engines such as Google take into consideration when compiling its list of results. The key from a marketing stand point is obviously coming up high in the results. The key to that from a web stand point is taking every effort possible to ensuring that traffic, content, and activity relevant to you is actually being registered to you through keywords and phrases.

There are many different ways to do that. Social media platforms have grown to become powerful S.E.O. tools. The amount of traffic and activity these sites generate enter into the search engines very favorably. It extends beyond social media though. Businesses need to be S.E.O. minded in everything they do within their social networks.

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