Zest donates sponsorship event to Erika Brannock Fund

Zest BCBA Zest Social Media Solutions is a proud Signature Sponsor of the Baltimore County Bar Association. The sponsorship entitles each sponsor to serve as the honorary host of one of the BCBA’s ten signature events each year.

The company was pleased to be selected as the host of the hospitality suite at the MSBA Annual Conference in Ocean City, Maryland. Aside from a great excuse to make a beach escape on the business card, it is one of the most well attended and popular events of the year. However, the company ended up leaving the beach towels in the closet when a good opportunity to help out a great cause came along.

“We decided to donate our sponsorship table to The Brannock Fund,” said Tim Bojanowski. “We thought that there was no better use of our sponsorship than to ask people to consider donating to Erika Brannock’s recovery.”

Erika Branonck is the Towson preschool teacher who was terribly injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. She was the last of the victims to be released from the hospital, and is now home working to recover from her injuries. Several of the parents of her preschool students organized a trust in her name called The Brannock Fund. The fund’s goal is to raise money to help cover the array of costs that the attack has and will cost, including medical bills, residence and transportation modifications to accommodate for her handicap, and other expenses.

Donations to support Erika can be made online at www.TheBrannockFund.com.