Basic Content Marketing for Search Overview

Simply publishing content to a blog does not guarantee that anyone will actually see it.  More important than creating great content is making sure that your intended audience can find it.  Search engines are quickly becoming better at discovering/ ranking new content on the web, but there are a few easy things that you can do to influence this process.

You must take extra steps to ensure top performance by balancing your content with quality SEO, writing optimized title tags, ensuring that your content uses keywords correctly, and optimizing your images.

Balancing Content with SEO

 Although adding keywords to your content is an important part of search engine optimization, searching and repairing any obstacles that may hide your content is equally beneficial.  A good SEO practice is to search through your site for things such as architectural issues, navigation/usability issues, or even content issues that might lead search engines to disregard your content or rank it lower than it should be.

Writing Optimized Title Tags

 Another key aspect of optimizing your content is the way that you utilize title tags.  Title tags are generally weighted heavily by search engines when determining page ranks, meaning that producing a quality title tag could be the most important aspect in optimizing a web page.  Although, there are many other elements of a web page that can decrease the weight of a title tag, a positive and well thought out change to a title tag can have a nearly instant impact on a page’s rank.

Additionally, title tags by default, are used as the heading when a page is shared on social sites, making a good title even more important to a pages performance.  Fundamentally, a title tag needs to not only be attractive to search engines but also in value to the reader.

Ensure Your Content Uses Keywords Properly

 Another simple way to boost published content is to make your content consistent with your optimized title tag.  Naturally, you must include the obvious keywords throughout your content but equally as important is the way that you create a clear understanding of the content.  In order to do this, search engines look for other keywords that may be often found on similar documents about a particular topic.

Once you’ve identified your main keywords and related keywords, you can begin to incorporate all of this into your headings and content in order to become more important in the eyes of a search engine.

Optimizing Your Images

 Images can be an important tool to generate more traffic and an easy way to optimize them is through adding alt text.  Search engines use information added to photos as an indication of what the image is about.

Adding other information to images on your page such as, title, caption, and description also aid in letting readers and search engines know what images may be depicting.  Overall, images can be a significant tool in strengthening the optimization efforts of a page.  The same goes for other media on your page to improve the importance of content to a reader as well as a search engine.

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