How to Maximize SEO Efforts through Content

With the plethora of marketing resources available to the public, it should come as no surprise that developing valuable content is the key to increasing visibility in search. For many first-time producers, the concept is fairly cut and dry. Users pull up a search engine, type in keywords or a question and press enter. Within seconds, hundreds and thousands of results with similar phrasing appear that users can visit to retrieve the information they were initially seeking.

However, many people are still stuck in the grey area of comprehending the exact reasoning behind why certain content earns those high search ranking spots and the solution for getting their content in those positions.

As it turns out, the answer is not unfathomable.

Before exerting all of the time and energy into creating and publishing content that you feel is ideal and valuable, ask yourself these questions to help determine whether the content you are publishing will get the intended views.

  1. How are my users searching? The whole reason for generating content is to provide valuable answers to the questions your target audience is asking in a search engine. Failing to optimize your content to suit the users will result in a low search ranking, and even worse, little to no views. If users aren’t seeing your content, they probably won’t even know that you or your organization exists, which can be fairly problematic from a business standpoint.

What you can do. Search for keywords pertaining to your industry that users would search. See what content appears, and take note of how competitors are portraying the information so you can apply the same tactics to your own digital marketing efforts.


  1. How should I format my content? Content should always be centered on the interests of your audience. Avoid using keywords and terminology that the general public wouldn’t use. If users don’t know the words to begin with, it’s highly probable that they aren’t using them in their search efforts.

What you can do. Don’t overthink the writing component. Keep the content reader-friendly and easy to digest. Research trending keywords in your industry and incorporate them into your content. If you’re using the same keywords that people are searching, you’re content is more likely to appear at the top in the search rankings. Also, explore various platforms for sharing content and see which of them produce the most engagement with your audience.


  1. How will I determine success? Measuring and recording the amount of views your content receives is critical for determining whether or not your efforts were successful. Remember, the data doesn’t lie. By understanding how audiences are interacting with the content, you can dive deeper into your marketing strategies, especially when it comes to your visibility.

What you can do. Utilize the analytics features of the media platforms you use in your marketing efforts. The data you gather from the analytics will provide valuable insight as it pertains to engagement. If you have reports from multiple channels, compare them and identify patterns of interest.

Here’s the bottom line. Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Consider your users above all else, develop your content to appeal to them and watch your search rankings skyrocket.

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