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The Recent Changes to Adwords Ad Bids, Demystified

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the words ‘Google Adwords’? We understand – the platform’s capabilities are overwhelming. Recent changes to the Adwords platform have made it a more customizeable tool for marketing your business, if you understand it well enough to harness its power.  Educate yourself with the help of this article.…

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Marketing Your Business Through the Holiday Season

Written by Colin Dougherty, Towson University 2016 The winter holiday season is the most important time of year for businesses to capitalize on sales and opportunistic campaigns. Customers are comparing prices and selecting last minute gifts for their loved ones, and may even be looking to purchase something for themselves. As a result of increased…

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Back to Basics: An Introduction to Marketing on Twitter

In the first installment of a series, the digital media gurus at Zest explore the marketing capabilities of Twitter and highlight several of its features for promoting your business online. Even by social media standards, Twitter is a challenging platform for businesses to navigate. Information streams onto the site at an accelerated rate, making it…

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