Back to Basics: An Introduction to Marketing on Twitter

In the first installment of a series, the digital media gurus at Zest explore the marketing capabilities of Twitter and highlight several of its features for promoting your business online.

deathtostock_desk7Even by social media standards, Twitter is a challenging platform for businesses to navigate. Information streams onto the site at an accelerated rate, making it difficult for individual voices to be heard. But Twitter can also be an excellent digital tool for businesses, given the proper marketing strategy.

Twitter has an advantage over other social media platforms in that it does not require users to be connected to others for their content to be visible. The platform consequently offers opportunities for conversations with users who do not publicly claim an affiliation with your business.  Consider how this can affect your business as you map out your marketing strategy.

Before taking any further steps, however, you should seek out competing companies with profiles similar to yours and evaluate what they are doing on the platform. Make a note of what seems to be working for them, and what areas could use improvement.

Once you have an idea of what will work best for your company, take a close look at your business’s Twitter profile. Taking the extra effort to make your bio text more engaging is an excellent starting point. You should also critically examine the appearance of the page. Consider having a graphic designer or your internal marketing team design a background that reflects your brand identity, if one has not yet been created. Think of ways to incorporate people into your profile picture, as followers are more likely to interact with a person than a brand.

Twitter is first and foremost a digital space for communication. Users directly interact more on Twitter than on other social media platforms. Examine your recent tweets, and see if your strategy thus far has aligned with the idea of having conversations with your audience. Your responses to followers and other users should make up the bulk of your business’s feed, rather than pre-written ad copy. Additionally, endeavor to make a certain percentage of your tweets conversation starters by formulating them as questions and make an effort to address your audience by using pronouns, as this can encourage discussion.

Consider performing an evaluation of your current audience. Although increasing your followers should always be a goal, what’s most important about building your fan base is gaining fans who are active and interested in your brand. Use tools like Twitter chats to find and create relationships with active followers.

Although it should not make up the majority of your Twitter presence, you will inevitably need to create brand-specific content for your business. Consider building a series of posts relating to holidays and other relevant events a month in advance in order to allow yourself time to construct strong, engaging and relevant content using the appropriate hashtags.  If you plan on tweeting links to a certain site or page regularly, be sure add those posts to your schedule to avoid duplicates.

Include the goals you hope to achieve by using Twitter in your overarching marketing strategy. Increasing website traffic, improving customer interaction, and growing company reach are all excellent goals against which to measure your business’s progress.

For more information on how Twitter can improve your company’s digital presence, contact Zest today.

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