SEO For Starters

SEO should not be considered a one-time fix, but a long-term web strategy that is based on your company’s ability to dedicate time and effort to producing quality material and consistently improving user experience. Here are four best practices for improving your SEO strategies in the long term without investing substantial resources:

On-site optimization is a great place to start for improving SEO rankings. The main point of this is to improve the way that the content on your site is structured so that it is optimized for keywords and easier for Google to understand. Additionally, there are a few quick and easy things that you can do to structure your site to make it more accessible to search engines.  Submitting your sitemap to search engines through Webmaster Tools is a great place to start. This will assist search engines such as Google when attempting to understand your site and in finding pages that they might not discover otherwise.

Another SEO tactic that every company can benefit from is creating a content marketing plan.  This involves regularly producing content for your site in the form of blog content or news page posts.  This not only helps your company rank for keywords, but helps to build domain authority and attract inbound links that ultimately help your SEO efforts.

Off-site optimization is an additional way to improve your SEO. This strategy requires you to manually build links that point back to your company’s web page. This can be done in a variety of ways, one of the most common being engaging on social media platforms. Each post on social media that links back to your site creates a backlink which benefits your site from an SEO Standpoint.

Finally, it is important to analyze and measure your search engine optimization initiatives.  Measuring the impact of your efforts helps to clearly display and evaluate those which are more successful against your less successful strategies. Having this information readily available through Google Analytics, or any number of alternatives, allows you to adjust your SEO campaign accordingly to achieve better results in the future.

In the end, SEO is comprised of many factors contributing to a site’s search engine performance. While there is no one correct strategy for improving your rankings on search results, there are a number of ways to combine various strategies to work for your site.  In order to fully capitalize on the opportunities that search has to offer, it is important to dedicate ample time to planning your SEO strategy and then continue to execute consistently.  Even with substantial initial investment, results may not show up overnight. However, long-term dedication to organic search improvement through the tips listed above can help lead you to success. For more information on how to enhance your company’s web presence, contact the digital marketing gurus at Zest.

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