Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you likely understand that posting regularly on your blog or intermittently sending an email campaign are important components of any marketing strategy. But, as effective as these activities are, they can become stale to your target audience. If you are looking to energize your marketing strategy, consider implementing some of these creative ideas.

Hold a Contest

Contests are a great way to engage users through social media and email marketing. These tools not only encourage your audience to interact with your business, but will extend the reach of your brand.

Looking for innovative ways to showcase your product? Create a contest in which followers can submit photos that advertise your product. Then, choose the best one to be used in your company’s marketing collateral. You may also consider offering a prize for the top submissions, such as a gift card for a product, or a free service. This incentivizes customers to participate in your campaign and engage with your page, essentially extending the reach of your brand to new networks organically, with minimal capital investment required. Don’t forget to add a catchy hashtag to the competition for even more visibility.

Create Infographics

Today’s consumers are exposed to more information at a faster rate than ever before. This provides a problem for companies who have a lot to say, but only a short amount of time to connect with a potential customer.

Rather than composing a lengthy blog post, consider putting together an infographic: a little bit of graphic design know-how can completely transform important but potentially dry information about your company into a captivating and informative visual. Presenting information in the form of a graphic helps to simply, but effectively, communicate your message. Infographics can be used to your advantage if your business’s normal content is becoming predictable and less engaging for your target audience.

Become a Local Sponsor

There are marketing opportunities all around you, and you can capitalize on them by engaging in your community. Local foundations, organizations, fundraisers and sports leagues all offer sponsorship opportunities that can grow your business’s charitable giving portfolio and enhance your reputation, all while creating visibility for your brand. Furthermore, sponsorships can be inexpensive, and will positively impact your local community.

Make Merchandise

Your potential customers are everywhere, so why not multiply the opportunities they have to discover your business. Whether you are a professional services provider, or merchandising is your area of expertise, designing collateral or ‘swag’ that can be distributed to your target customers or clients is an excellent way to create visibility for your offerings. Think car decals, pens, tee shirts, stickers and magnets. These items do not require a large investment, but can make a meaningful impact in terms of brand recognition. For those who grew up in Baltimore, an iconic example of this marketing tactic is the yellow and pink pens distributed by Big Boyz Bail Bonds. These pens have flooded our local area for years, and while they may not be top quality writing utensils, they create a visually striking impact that makes you remember the Big Boyz name. Not to mention, anyone can order these pens online for free, vastly expanding the company’s brand and name recognition with little investment, and almost no effort for the Big Boyz team.

Celebrate Birthdays and Customer Milestones

Existing customers can be some of your best marketing opportunities, as word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of advertising. Reengage them with personalized birthday campaigns, showing your interest in and appreciation for their loyalty. Whether it be a note, a discount, or an exclusive offer, going the extra mile for customers creates a personal bond between your business and your clients, strengthening their loyalty and your opportunity for business growth.

In this ever-expanding world of information consumption, creativity is a key way to differentiate your business. Get creative with your marketing strategies to help your small business stand out from the crowd and encourage conversation. To find out how you can add a little zest to your marketing strategy, contact the digital marketing and creative gurus at Zest Social Media Solutions.