Increasing Customer Engagement Through Content

You do not create content for your company in a vacuum—the expectation is that your audience will respond and engage in meaningful ways. But, how do you create content that encourages your customers to engage? Here, the marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions provide tips and tricks for increasing customer engagement through content.

Choose the Right Platforms for Your Audience

Before even considering your content, determine where on the Internet your audience regularly hangs out. This will vary greatly, depending on your audience’s age, interests, locations, beliefs and lifestyle. Consider whether your audience is relying on laptops and computers, or mobile, on-the-go devices. How does your audience seek out information about products and services—through company website’s, blogs, social channels or third-party information? It’s also important to consider what your competitors are doing: what does their social media presence look like?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a better idea of how you should create and implement your online content marketing strategy. Ideally, you’ll be able to find several audience-appropriate outlets for posting content, as choosing only one will greatly limit the amount of reach your company could have.

Get Your Audience Talking

While it is important at times to talk at your audience—after all, you are the authority on your brand, services and products—it is just as important to talk with your audience. Talking with a customer, instead of simply at them, implies that you are listening, and interacting with their personal thoughts and feelings. Everyone wants to feel heard and understood, and this empathetic approach to communication naturally boosts engagement.

But, how do you get a conversation started? Ask questions: consult your audience for their opinions and ideas. Or, ask about their experiences, whether through the written word, pictures, videos or other methods. Choose questions that spur healthy discussion and debate. Create polls or quizzes, which not only allow for participation, but allow you to easily quantify the way your audience thinks and feels. The ways you get your audience talking will largely depend on your brand’s identity—a brand known for being edgy and controversial might feel comfortable starting political debates with their audience, while a more reserved brand may prefer keeping to tamer subjects.

Reward Your Audience for Their Engagement

Engagement needs to feel rewarding to your audience. Rewards need not be physical, although at times offering discounts, promotions, samples or special offers can be appropriate, and should be used. A reward could be as simple as responding to a customer’s replies, and thanking them for contributing to the conversation. While it may not be reasonable (or even possible) for massive brands to respond to each and every customer, providing some level of consistent and meaningful response shows your audience that you care about what they have to say—which will encourage them to keep engaging!

Build a Network of Marketing Specialists

Wish you had a team of top-notch marketers on your side, who could help harness your brand’s message and identity and turn it into valuable and engaging content? Look no further—our team of creative and digital marketers want to help. Contact Zest today for more information—we look forward to hearing from you!

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