SEO: There’s Always Room for Improvement

By: Charlie Kibbe, Towson University

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of any small business’ marketing strategy.  Every business wants to be at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and SEO is the way to get yourself there.  But SEO isn’t a one-and-done strategy; it takes continuous work and improvement to stay on top.

 There are many techniques that can be employed to improve your business’ SEO, and they are relatively easy for any small business to incorporate. Here, the marketing gurus at Zest Social Media Solutions have detailed some easy, yet effective techniques to help improve your business’ search results.

Consider Your Website Structure

The structure of your website is a key component to how well the site will rank in search. The key here is to create a structure that allows a search engine to differentiate pages of higher relevance from pages that have less overall relevance, so that the search engine will populate your pages when the right keywords are searched.

When it comes to structuring your website, it is necessary to understand that different pages have higher SEO-relevance than others, and that those pages should be accessible from all parts of the site. The homepage is a good example of this, and as such it should be accessible from every other page on the site. This can be accomplished by including it in the navigation menu and/or hyperlinking it to the company logo in the top left corner of the site.

Pages that are most prevalent on the site in terms of traffic and inbound links will indicate higher importance to a search engine, thus helping you to obtain prominent rankings for your desired keywords. These pages—such as your ‘about’, ‘services’ or ‘products’ pages—should be easily accessible from the home page and located in drop down menus or the navigation bar accessible from every page.

 Populate Content with Keywords

Whether used on the pages on your website or the content posted on your social media accounts, keywords go a long way in improving SEO across all your digital initiatives.

  • Pages

Each page of your website should focus on one keyword or key phrase that expresses the purpose of the page. You should then use related keywords to help improve upon that main keyword or phrase, as this will help to optimize your pages for those search terms.

  • Social Posts

Social media posts can provide small businesses with additional searchable content, giving customers more areas to interact with your business. In order for social posts to be useful as searchable content, it is important to use relevant keywords in the captions of your posts, hashtags, links and the bios of your social media accounts, as this will help increase your business’ rank in the social search results.

 Create Social Media Accounts on a Variety of Platforms

Social media is one of the best tools for improving SEO for your business.  The volume of users and frequency of use makes platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter some of the best places to generate awareness for your business and to help boost your business’ rankings.

Having business accounts on several social media platforms creates additional ways for customers to interact with you and get information on your offerings. It also allows multiple entry points to your website. However, simply having a profile won’t cut it—it is important to develop a following for your social pages to extend your brand visibility and reach. Engagement from and with your following is key: the more your fans are commenting, liking and sharing your content, the better reach your business will have. Don’t forget to return the favor; engaging with your followers can go a long way in improving social presence and SEO. Engage with followers by replying to comments, posting as often as possible, sharing popular or related content and liking other pages’ content.

Including a link to your business’ website in all of your social media accounts is key to driving traffic to your site and improving SEO. Posting content on social media linking to new blogs, news, products or services will allow users an intriguing access point to your site, thus boosting SEO and traffic to your business’ site.

Build Natural Links

Links to your site from other third-party sites is an effective way to boost SEO. However, let these links grow naturally, instead of paying for them, as this could lead to lower search engine rankings. To build natural links, continually generate, publish and share original and engaging content on your site and share it on social media. This will provide a platform for other websites, bloggers and social media users to reference your site and content, creating a network of valuable natural links.

Speak to a Marketing Professional at Zest Social Media Solutions

Small businesses should employ various SEO initiatives in order to improve its search rankings. These initiatives will help build your overall SEO strategy and give you new ways to improve your rankings. For more helpful tips and guidance, contact the marketing Gurus at Zest.

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