Facebook Ads Part One: An Intro to Facebook Ads

With over one billion Facebook users and counting, the ever-growing social media service cannot be overlooked as an essential platform for promoting your business and increasing your online audience. How can this colossal online universe be used to your advantage? Enter the almighty Facebook ad.

Whether you are interested in expanding your company’s online presence, advertising a new product or increasing traffic to your website, Facebook ads may be the missing piece you need in order to reach your business goals. Here, the marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions provide an easy introduction to Facebook ads and discuss how they can be used to more effectively tell your story.

Consider Your Long-Term Marketing Goals

What is your ultimate goal in transitioning your company’s marketing strategy to the world of Facebook? Is it to target more eyes and ears, or to expand the diverse scope of people who could be potential customers? Do you want to increase website traffic and encourage curious consumers to check out your services? Whatever your overall aim is, Facebook ads can be specifically channeled to meet them. You have the freedom to choose what your ad conveys, and the metrics with which success will be calculated.

Use Facebook Ads to Reach a Target Audience

Utilizing Facebook ads to promote your business is a great way to more effectively bridge the gap between company and consumer. Whether you are looking to connect with a younger audience, to engage with an increasingly-digital society or to simply remain relevant in the eyes of your current consumer base, Facebook can be the perfect platform to serve as your online billboard.

Take a baby step into Facebook advertising by using boosted posts. With this, you have to option to reach more of the right type of people by dialing in on your specific target audiences; factors like age, gender, income, location and even interests or hobbies can be targeted to best meet your demographic objectives. While the content of your ads is also critical to their success, ensuring your ads reach the eyes of the correct target audience will help you to more effectively expand your business.

Here at Zest, our expanded Facebook Business Manager accounts  (also known as an Ads Manager account) allow for more targeting capabilities, providing our marketing gurus with the ability to boost posts, use greater modes for channeling in on specific audiences and provide deeper insight into campaign efficacy. By working with a marketing company like Zest, you can reap the benefits of Facebook Ads Manager, including audience insights capabilities, reporting tools and planning options to best maximize your budget and increase the success and efficiency of your advertising campaign.

Increase Your Website Traffic

Ultimately, one of the most important digital objectives of a business is to increase website traffic. By using Facebook’s Business Manager, the options for regulating, adjusting and specifying your target audience goals are endless. Through our business accounts, we can provide you with guidance in three specific marketing objective areas provided by Facebook:

  • Awareness
    It’s exactly what it sounds like. With this option, you have the capability to improve your reach and bring awareness to your company or business.
  • Conversions
    Increase website traffic, improve customer engagement and even install applications or manage videos, all while strategically managing your budget.  
  • Considerations
    Considerations provide your business with the ability to catalog sales and promote store visits in the most efficient and budget-friendly way.

These functions, along with the help of Zest’s guidance and expertise, can do one of two things—drive potential customers directly to your website or drive them to your social profile, ultimately linking them to your website. Either way, increased website traffic is our goal.

Facebook ads, when targeted to the right audience with the right message, can boost your overall website traffic immensely. Posting that initial ad can spark interest in the potential consumer and prompt their curiosity. Before you know it, they are scrolling through your homepage in search of what services or products you offer. If you want to gain potential customers with more bang for your buck, what better way to efficiently reach a wide audience than with a Facebook ad?

Navigate the World of Facebook With a Zest Professional

Ultimately, making the decision to run a Facebook ad can be a valuable one, however, there is a big difference between creating a Facebook ad for the sake of having one and creating a Facebook ad that helps you successfully reach your marketing goals. Zest professionals have the tools available to them to go above and beyond. Not only can we help you effectively determine your marketing objectives, increase your website traffic, and expand your online presence, but we can help you manage your campaign so that your budget is being spent in the most effective way possible.

Ready to consult a marketing guru on the complexities of crafting the perfect Facebook ad? Our creative digital marketers can help with that. If you’d like to learn more about how Facebook can be utilized in your business endeavors, or if you have any questions in general concerning social media marketing, contact the gurus at Zest today!