Facebook Ads Part 2: Up Your Facebook Ad Game with Video Ads

In today’s digital age, it is wise for a business owner to consider Facebook video advertisements as a component of their marketing strategy. It has been well-documented that our society increasingly favors video content over written content. Its quick to watch, easy to understand and typically, very catchy. What’s not to like? Video ads drive awareness to your website or social media platform, which can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer following. Below, the digital marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions explain why creating a Facebook video ad may be the perfect next step for your business.

Facebook Video Advertisements are Versatile

Facebook video advertisements provide infinite options to meet your business’ needs. Videos can be on the shorter side, such as vertical videos or even GIFS, or the longer side, such as 360 and in-stream videos. The broad range of options available, spanning bite-sized snippets to longer commercials, provide you with convenient and versatile choices so that you can figure out what works best for your business’ endeavors. Plus, with an infinite amount of options for formatting and displaying video ads, businesses shouldn’t hesitate to consider their versatility. With a Facebook video ad, you can run a short commercial promoting your company’s services, connect with your current audience via humor and creativity and reach new potential customers with unique targeting methods. The options are endless.

Facebook Video Advertisements Include In-Stream and In-Feed Videos

Most Facebook video ads can be broken down into two categories:

In-Feed Videos

In-feed videos appear on your chosen audience’s Facebook feeds just as a regular post would and can help your business make connections and capture the attention of your viewers. Since these types of video ads are specially programmed for mobile-device users, they should remain short and sweetusually under 30 seconds. Think of your in-feed video ad as an elevator pitch. What are the most important points you’d like to get across to your audience in the amount of time you’d take an elevator ride to your destination? What must they know about your business in the time it takes to reach the next floor?

Nowadays, mobile phones are representative of our fast-paced societybecause of this, conciseness is key. Individuals scanning their Facebook feeds, whether they are hanging out on the couch or taking the bus to work, may scroll right over any video that is longer than it needs to be. A brief video ad that packs a punch is ultimately what most viewers’ attention spans will be able to handle.

Keep in mind that the user, most likely, will be viewing your ad video without sound. Unless of course, you’ve captured their attention enough to make them click on it, kudos! So you’ll want to focus on visual representations of your work or use subtitles so the user can read what is being said.  

In-Stream Videos

There are two types of in-stream video ads: pre-roll and mid-roll video ads. Whereas pre-roll ads play before a video, a mid-roll ad plays in the middle of video content. Since these ads are usually designed to be non-skippable, you have the opportunity to create a longer, more complex message for your potential audience to view. While these ads may not typically allow a skip option for the viewer, they are still designed to be as non-disruptive as possible to your targeted audience and therefore better ensure that your viewers are paying attention to the advertisement instead of clicking out of the video altogether.

With in-stream ads, you have the opportunity to create a lengthier video, especially if these ads are being streamed on a viewer’s computer or laptop rather than a mobile device. This type of viewing platform for your Facebook video ad can have a higher watchability rate (also known as a completion rate), as viewers typically stay connected to a video ad for a longer period of time on their computers than on their cellular devices.

Facebook Video Ads are Accessible

Gaining views, and therefore potential customers, through customized Facebook video ads could not be easier with the convenient set-up and viewing options available. Not only do Facebook video ads automatically play once scrolled upon, but they also track and report the number of views received. Their accessibility is also top-notch; Facebook video ads take up the entire screen on a mobile device, and therefore can’t be missed. With the additional options of adjusting your video ad’s aesthetic, such as choosing a square or vertical video display, you can ensure that your video ad is as visually engaging as possible.

Speak to a Facebook Video Ad Professional at Zest Social Media Solutions

Creating a compelling in-feed or in-stream advertisement is a necessary way to connect with your viewers and share your story. Overwhelmed by the task of creating compelling video content in order to promote your business? You need not worryyou don’t need to be a professional videographer to create video content. All you need is a set of creative ideas and a desire to share your message to potential customers who seek your product. The Facebook video ad experts at Zest Social Media Solutions are here to help with that!

Not only do we have access to advanced technology that makes creating Facebook video ads easy and effective, but our team of creative minds can take your ideas and construct an awesome ad that is suited to fit your marketing needs. If you seek the help of a marketing guru at Zest Social Media Solutions in order to create the perfect Facebook video ad, or have any questions pertaining to digital advertising, contact us today!