How Instagram Can Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What was once an app for photographers and social media users to share their lives through picture is now being utilized by business owners in order to connect with current and potential customers, promote brand awareness and utilize the growing digital space to meet their marketing goals. Below, the digital marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions explain how Instagram can be used to help you further your business’s digital advertising strategy.

Considering Instagram Ad Promotion and Facebook Ads Manager

The options are endless when it comes to advertising on Instagram. You can either create ads on Instagram by promoting a post directly from the app or by using the ad creation option in Facebook Ads Manager. With the help of these functions, you can better reach your marketing goals, which can include awareness, consideration and conversion rates. You can also channel your content to specific audiences, allowing you to gain new consumers interested in what your business sells or promotes.

Promoting a Post

To promote an Instagram post, you will first need a business profile—Instagram provides the option to either create a new account or convert an existing account into a business profile. Then, you will have the option of promoting your post, with consideration for details like audience, promotion duration and budget. Once the ad is up and running, it will be optimized to appear in both the Instagram feed and stories, at a higher and more frequent rate, and on the screens of your target audience.

Instagram offers four main options for ad promotion which all mimic the organic posts an individual user or business could post:

Photo Ads

A photo ad is a sponsored post that appears on your target audience’s Instagram feed just as a normal post would. As the creator of the ad, you have to option of choosing between a landscape or portrait format, selecting your desired call to action and specifying the demographics and desired audience. Creating a sponsored photo ad is both beneficial and effective, as the post can’t be missed—it takes up your viewer’s entire screen, especially on a mobile device, and can be used to spread awareness about your brand and grow your digital space.

Video Ads

Video ads act the same as photo ads, but with an added flair—unlike a still photo, a video ad provides interaction, movement and eye-catching graphics paired with sound. The engrossing effect of a video ad can immediately draw in social media users who may miss a photo ad while mindlessly scrolling through their Instagram feed. Not to mention, viewers do not need to hit a ‘play’ button in order to begin watching a video ad—the video will automatically play once scrolled over, further boosting its efficiency. Video ads, like photo ads, can be either landscape or portrait format, and can now last up to 60 seconds.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are like photo ads, but provide more depth. With the carousel ad function, you can post several photos or videos in one single post, creating layers that can be viewed with just a swipe to the left. In this way, you can promote multiple photos without bombarding your viewers’ newsfeeds with five separate posts. In addition to the convenience and conciseness of a carousel ad campaign, the function can be used in order to create a theme by linking similar videos and photos with a parallel purpose, vibe or visual display. In this way, your carousel ad can draw in potential customers, promote your brand and reach new demographics, all in one neat little package.


Instagram’s newest feature, the story, takes viewability and customer interaction to the next level, and can be the perfect addition to your digital advertising strategy. In your stories, you have the opportunity to include picture or video just as you would in a sponsored newsfeed post. However, stories are viewable at the top of your viewers’ Instagram pages and can be viewed with just a tap of their finger. In addition, stories can be far more casual or current than posts—you can record yourself speaking, provide information about your business or simply take your audience through a day in your life, which helps drastically improve company-consumer relationships and makes your business feel more relatable. Overall, Instagram stories help remove your ad from the clutter of Instagram newsfeed posts, allowing for a greater chance of visibility and optimization.

Using Facebook Ads Manager

If you are looking to create a sponsored Instagram ad or story, but with greater depth and trackability than a promoted post, you can use Facebook Ads Manager to do so. Just as you would use Facebook Ads Manager to create a newsfeed ad and track its progress, you can use this platform to manage your Instagram advertising strategy as well. Just as Facebook Ads Manager provides more marketing, design and audience-selecting options than a boosted Facebook post would, it will also provide more options for you to grow your Instagram campaign.

Building Relationships with Consumers

Overall, Instagram is a vital platform that you should consider for your business’ digital advertising initiatives, especially if your target audience is young, because it offers your viewers a chance to connect directly with you. Social media is often used to bridge the gap between company and community, and this aspect couldn’t be more relevant today—Instagram’s digital marketing features allow for your audience to follow you, comment on your ads and view your stories, aiding in the growth of authentic and interactive relationships that help better serve both you and your community.

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