Why a Strong Brand is a Necessity, Not an Option

The act of branding your company encompasses far more than attaching a colorful logo to your product or throwing a catchy tagline on your website’s homepage. Your brand is your essence; your message; your story—your brand communicates to your customers that you not only provide a service or product they may benefit from but that you have a clear direction, purpose and initiative in a professional environment.

Whether you are a private start-up company or a corporate powerhouse, it is essential to create a relatable, focused and consistent brand that builds relationships with customers and provides clarity and direction for your staff members. Here, the zesty digital marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions detail the importance of branding your company.

Branding Generates Recognition and Referrals

When you hear or see brand names such as “Nike,” “Under Armour” or “Apple,” you can likely picture their signature brand logo and the types of products they provide almost immediately. These powerful companies are woven into our society and invoke a certain feeling or thought when noticed by their particular consumer base. The power to be recognized by almost anyone is the utmost goal of any growing company.

As a society, we are surrounded by brands, and whether they be food, technology or vehicle brands, we can immediately recognize any major company and the product or service it promotes by a brief glance at their logo. Why? Because these companies have invested time into building a consistent brand that is recognizable and relatable to its specific consumer base. Not only does successful branding maintain itself in the awareness of its consumers, but these customers are more likely to share their favored brands with others and suggest their products or services, which leads to new customers and upward business growth.

Branding Strengthens Credibility and Legitimacy

Clear and effective branding establishes credibility with your consumers. Branding creates legitimacy and failure to commit to a consistent brand can convince your audience that your brand is not worth the investment. By exhibiting the promise that you will deliver to your customers, and deliver effectively, you are adding to your business’s overall value.

Think of the instantaneous joy that is elicited by merely hearing the words “Walt Disney World.”  By implementing a brand strategy that promotes amusement and wonder targeted to young children, families and more, Walt Disney World has established itself as one of the most well-known and credible theme parks in the entertainment industry. As a consumer, you know that you will not leave Walt Disney World disappointedas the owner of your business, you want your customers to feel the same way about your company’s legitimacy.

Branding Builds Relationships With Customers

Nurturing a consistent and reliable brand will ensure a steady attraction of customers as well as a stronger bond with existing customers. Consumers want to know who and what they are investing their time and money intohaving a strong brand that matches your consumers’ morals and values and communicates with your audience in an individualized way will allow your consumers to feel emotionally invested in your company.

The idea of implementing unspoken branding elements can be observed in major brands like Hallmark, which is known for grabbing the attention of its audience by way of emotional, heartfelt and uplifting cards, products and films. Throughout its many years of business, Hallmark has clearly and consistently portrayed their “family focused” brand. Hallmark Christmas movies, for example, carry a distinct brand allowing viewers to recognize that they are Hallmark movies right from the get-go, as they all contain similar elements of quaintness and charm and well as specific ways of filming that is unique to the brand. This strong branding encourages consumers to wait with anticipation for this year’s Hallmark Christmas films, independent of how cheesy they might be. Maintaining a corporate identity is imperative, as consistency is how you nurture your brand. A consistent personality will foster trust and recognition in your customers and keep them engaged and returning for more.

Branding Provides Direction

A consistent brand theme does not merely cater to your external audiencemaintaining a brand allows your company to run smoothly as well. Your company’s dedicated staff require a clear direction and goal in order to work efficiently. A specific and clear brand strategy clarifies to your staff the company’s goals and values, and the appropriate messaging they should communicate to customers. Companies cannot grow without a specific and goal-oriented business approachbrand efficacy will ensure your company grows and evolves productively.

Strong branding means strong internal direction when creating external-facing collateral. For instance, the creators of Google advertisements succeed in producing Google Home product advertisements that provide viewers with a sense of comfort and familiarity. The strong results that Google Home commercials receive is the product of a strategic internal plan that provides Google employees with clear-cut marketing direction.

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Your brand is your storyby nurturing your brand with consistent color schemes, logos, voices, taglines and trademarks, you are building trust in your customers, establishing credibility, providing clear direction for your employees and showing to your audience and your staff that you care about your relationships with them. The digital marketers at Zest Social Media Solutions care about business-consumer relationships and are here to help you create and maintain an authentic brand that speaks to your mission and invests in your consumer audience. For more information on how the marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions can help you effectively tell your story, contact us today!