Key Strategies to Help Boost Shares of Your Content

Frustrated by the feeling of spending hours perfecting an article, graphic or social media post only for it to receive little-to-no shares? You’re not alone. In the ever-shifting sphere of digital marketing, the key strategies for maximizing the shares of your content are constantly changing as well, and it is our job to stay on top of the trends and optimize our client’s content shareability. Here, the digital marketing gurus at Zest explain the latest strategies you can adopt to help boost shares of your carefully curated content.

Connect and Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer marketing is booming. You can find like-minded bloggers and content creators that share your interests and values, no matter your field. By connecting with influencers who share your passion and are willing to help you grow your online presence, you can boost your shares and reach a wider audience. Often, seeking the help of an influencer is a win-win situation: by sharing your content, an influencer is giving you an advanced opportunity to reach more individuals, and by offering them the choice to provide a quote for your blog post or an individualized shout-out, you are helping out their business as well. This increases the connections you make with your audience as well as other content creators who share similar interests.

Share Your Content Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many more social media platforms offer you a place to connect with the community. With so many online outlets offering you a space on the Internet to share your services, cultivate your voice and promote your brand, why choose just one? Curating content for a variety of different social media outlets is a thorough way to reach the greatest demographic of people who could be potentially interested in your business. It is important, however, to carefully consider which social platforms make the most sense for your brand and your audience. While a teen’s clothing brand might not find much value from posting on LinkedIn, an accounting firm that is in the process of growing their team may find a huge value from utilizing this platform.

Prioritize SEO

You want your articles and blog posts to be engaging, draw the reader in and leave a mark. However, you also want to include the necessary keywords, and at the right amount, in order to be properly recognized by Google. That means completing the extra work before you begin the writing process—researching relevant keywords, keeping the length of your article moderate (500-750 words, generally speaking) and ensuring your language is concise are all essential for boosting shares of your content and reaching the appropriate audience.

Curate More Video

Facebook organic marketing is currently undergoing a shift; the fact that the average organic reach on Facebook averages between 1% and 6% may be alarming, but a key element of digital marketing is on the rise: video marketing. Statistics show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from their favorite brands, and over 84% of Internet users in the United States watch video content on their mobile devices on a monthly basis. With video marketing consistently outperforming branded emails, images and other marketing techniques of the past, consider moving your brand in the right direction by implementing more video into your strategy.

Engage, Engage, Engage

What is one of the best methods of ensuring your content is being shared? Prompt your viewers to share! Direct and authentic business-to-consumer communication is a growing trend throughout all social media platforms—take Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and the growing use of polls and question-and-answer features that are taking over social media, for instance. If you want to boost the amount of shares you receive on your content, consider weaving in more interactive and engaging content into your strategy. This may include posing questions, asking your viewers their opinion on a matter, utilizing the Stories or Live feature on Instagram or Facebook and implementing a motivating call-to-action to prompt your viewers to pass along your content. Your viewers will be more inclined to share your content if their voices are being heard.

The Digital Marketers at Zest Have Got Your Back

By implementing our tried-and-true methods for boosting the shares of your content, you are guaranteed to see more engagement with your audience. However, we know how difficult it can be to scrap your old marketing strategy just like that. If you want to see more shares of your content but don’t know where to start, fear not. The digital marketing gurus at Zest are here to save the day. Visit our Towson office to check out our new location or contact us and discuss how you can optimize your social media marketing strategy today.