Google Ads: Key Issues to Be Aware Of

Google is an intricate system that holds trillions of unique individual pages, and the powerhouse search engine is crawling more and more websites every day. With the immense capacity that Google encompasses, it is important to be aware of what could be holding your ad campaigns back when they are not doing as well as you need them to. Here, the digital marketing gurus at Zest discuss the key issues as to why your Google ads may not be performing as well as your competitors and provide a few ways to improve your campaign.

Neglecting to Strategically Choose Your Keywords

When creating an ad campaign, it can be enticing to throw in every single keyword you could possibly think of that might be relevant to what you’re advertising. However, don’t be tricked into making this common mistake. While it is important to have a detailed list of keywords, the key is to narrow your list of potential keywords to the terms that are most relevant, trending or searchable. By including every keyword you can think of in the pursuit of reaching as wide an audience as possible, you may end up negatively affecting the quality and effectiveness of your campaign. A broad keyword list means a broad potential audience, and it is always important to be specific and strategic when trying to reach the audience that is relevant to your business. Next time you feel discouraged about the outcome of your Google ad campaign, try narrowing your keyword list by throwing out terms that might be attracting the wrong audience.

Focusing Only on Keywords

Keywords are important, but they are not the only targeting option you need to focus on. Many Google Ads users make the mistake of solely focusing on keyword lists far too often. In reality, there are so many ways to target the right audience with your ad campaign; location targeting, for instance, can help you reach a local and relevant audience. Language targeting, and even interest targeting, are only a few of the other methods to further optimize your Google ads campaign.

Failing to Update Your Existing Campaigns

Believe us when we tell you that revisiting your ad campaigns after they are running and making tweaks as necessary can significantly impact the success of your campaign. For example, editing your keyword list to include more relevant search terms, changing bids on ad groups and managing your targeting goals can boost your overall traffic and conversions. Google Ads provides you with a mountain of analytical data, which can allow you to finetune your ad campaign to maximize every dollar you spend.

Running Campaigns Only on Mobile Devices

This small but easy-to-make mistake can derail your campaign performance. When creating a Google ad, ensure that you are not clicking the “Mobile” option unless you are sure you want your ad campaign to run solely on mobile devices. The layout of Google Ads can be tricky, and many individuals often believe that, by clicking the “Mobile” option, they are running their campaign across all platforms including mobile devices. However, this simply isn’t the case. While mobile-only campaigns have their place in the digital advertising world depending on your company or respective audience, make sure you are aware of where your ads are showing up.

Enlist the Help of a Dedicated Digital Marketer at Zest

Feeling overwhelmed by what you just read? We know that finding the best strategy for and placement of your Google Ads can be stressful, but fortunately, you don’t need to do it alone. If you’re new to the Google Ads game, or don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to creating an ad campaign, worry no more—the digital marketing aficionados at Zest have got your back. Contact our Towson office for more information today!