Content Marketing Tips and Successes: 5 Ideas to Consider

Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of modern digital marketing, but to be effective, the content should be purposeful and specific. It is also critical to have a clear audience in mind and a strategy for utilizing and promoting content that propels your brand upwards. Here, the digital marketers at Zest explain five ways you can boost the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Utilize Topic Clusters

When Google shifts its algorithm, it is important to shift your marketing strategy along with it. Both Google and SEO professionals place an emphasis on topic-based content, which is why you should consider the idea of topic clusters and pillar content to optimize your marketing strategy. A topic cluster model places the focus on a big-picture idea—a pillar—with multiple content pages branching off of that pillar. These branches focus on more specific aspects of the overarching pillar idea. This strategy allows you to organize your content around a major theme and create a multiple-part series for your audience. This technique also increases your chance of a higher ranking by Google, whose algorithm favors the topic cluster approach as a strategic solution to consumer behavioral shifts.

Use Analytics as Your Guide

When it comes to content, quality always trumps quantity. Your audience does not want to be bombarded by an incessant stream of emails, notifications and ads, especially if the content lacks meaning or direction. Instead of pumping out content for the sake of creating content, put time and energy into creating meaningful and purposeful pieces that capture the essence of your brand and convey your brand’s voice to your audience. Then, view your content as trackable data. You can do this by tracking the analytics of your content to detect trends in views, conversions and audience preferences. Refine your strategy as needed depending on what can be improved and what platforms are working best, in addition to how receptive your audience is to your pillar content.

Have a Purposeful Plan and Direction

When curating monthly content, you should always have a specific plan in place and a desirable outcome you are striving for. Rather than taking your social media and content marketing strategy day-by-day, or even week-by-week, consider creating a plan that revolves around where your content is heading and what you would like your content to spark in your audience. You can do this by creating a logical series of content that tells a story, construct content calendars that outline your plan for the months to come and establish a common theme that ties your content together to create brand consistency.

Consider Multiple Styles of Articles and Blog Posts

Many companies utilize monthly blog posts or articles to teach their audience or promote their services. By considering the different types of articles you can write, in addition to what the characteristics of each type can accomplish, you can successfully vary your content to prevent repetition or stagnancy. For example, “how-to” and general overview articles are great for teaching your audience about a broad topic and helping them become acquainted to the services you provide. Current event articles can be utilized to keep your audience informed of what is happening in the community regarding your field and demonstrate your industry’s real-world applications. For example, law firms may see success in constructing current-event style articles that keep their audience in the loop regarding significant litigation. This form of content can also be useful for reaching potential clients who may be impacted by the current event you are documenting and did not realize they could benefit from your services. In addition, interview-style articles can help promote authentic interaction with your audience as well as other members of your industry, helping you network and secure valuable relationships in your field.

Tell a Story

Last, but certainly not least, your content should tell a story—your story—and that is what the digital marketing experts at Zest pride themselves on. We are passionate about giving our clients a platform and helping businesses create a brand that encompasses their values and their voice. No matter what marketing strategy you pursue, the social media platforms you utilize or how many articles you post per month, ensuring that each and every piece of content reflects what your business stands for is most essential.

Create Valuable and Purposeful Content with our Zesty Team

The digital marketers at Zest are dedicated to staying on top of the trends, and have extensive knowledge of the ins-and-outs of successful content marketing. If you would like to learn more about our tried-and-true content marketing tips and successes, contact our Towson office today.