How Design Impacts Your Bottom Line

Many companies understand the importance of advertising the services and products they offer. The design of marketing content, however, is too often overlooked, despite the profound potential it has to establish a recognizable and relatable brand. Whether your company is a law firm or a daycare, your core brand values can be beautifully and easily represented with an eye-catching logo and a sleek web presence. A strong graphic brand strategy has the potential to increase profits and industry influence. Here, the digital marketers and graphic design aficionados at Zest explain a few ways that fresh design can make an impact.

Eye Candy

Digital first impressions are extremely valuable. Your web content, therefore, plays a crucial role in establishing your brand’s presence. A well-designed homepage, the web-based storefront of your company, will draw in potential customers. Effective and modern websites typically employ more images than text, wherever possible. Images often have the ability to convey more meaning than a paragraph of text, and they only take a number of seconds for users to analyze. Color, typeface, and layout are also important features of web content, like websites and logos. Ultimately, an organized and well-strategized cohesion of images, graphics and text will bring your website, and brand, to life.

Visual Communication

Poorly designed graphics create inefficiency for both employees and customers. Even if your website’s content is accurate, difficult navigation and long blocks of text may hurt your company image and aesthetic. Remember the old adage which says that “you eat with your eyes first?” In that same way, consumers will quickly and easily make a judgement about the strength, capability and legitimacy of your brand based on how your website or marketing materials make them feel at a first glance. A well designed, functioning website with an effective design indicates to current and potential consumers a clear attention to detail. A strong and organized website indicates a strong and organized company.

According to Adobe’s State of Create 2016 report, 59% of consumers choose to do business with a company over their competitors based on the quality of their design, and 45% have even paid more money for a product of service with a high-quality design over their less-enthralling counterparts. These statistics show is that a good web design can attract business in addition to creating workplace efficiency.

Brand Management

Presenting a clear brand is an essential part of marketing to your desired audience. Strong branding begins with a high-quality logo design. A web design can also reflect a brand presence. With a consistent brand identity in place, your company can portray a culture of elegance and luxury, spunk and youthfulness, or anything in between.

Building a recognizable brand is much easier when every aspect of your company’s visual culture, from digital, customer-facing materials, to inner office decoration, is united around the same message. Office supplies, employee headshots and company business cards are just a few possible outlets for brand establishment. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that actively maintains a well-designed website or logo than one that portrays a muddled message and a sloppy image.

Discuss How To Take Your Design to the Next Step With Zest

Never underestimate the power of an eye-catching brand design. Above all, a consistent and effective design will affect your company’s bottom line and potentially result in profits. More brand visibility means more revenue, so if you believe your company can benefit from a new website or logo design, there is no better time than the present to take action.

If you are interested in a fresh new look, or if you want more information on the advantages of design, contact the graphic designers at Zest today.