How Companies Benefit from Rebranding

Your brand is your story; it is the voice and message that you are displaying to consumers and it is how you connect to current and potential clientele. Because so much depends on maintaining a fresh and consistent brand to comprise the essence of your company—the values you stand for, your goals as a company and what you have to offer to your clients, for example—it is vital you consistently nurture your brand so it does not grow stagnant or lose its spark. Here, the digital marketing aficionados at Zest explain ways in which your company can benefit from rebranding and how you can breathe new life into the business you have worked so hard to grow. 

Define Your Brand

If you find yourself constantly having to explain what your business does, it may be that you have to seriously reconsider the branding of your company. Maybe your website copy is vague and misleading, or perhaps your company is experiencing a change in consumer behavior or a shift in leadership. All of these scenarios may require an updated brand that matches your company’s improved objectives. 

Consider Old Spice, for example: now one of the most popular male body wash and personal hygiene products on the market, Old Spice used to be considered solely for use by the older generations and lacked an identity that appealed to younger men. However, in 2008, the funny and eye-catching Old Spice Swagger Campaign was launched as a response to the growing success of more current male hygiene products such as Axe. Now, Old Spice is known for its slightly eccentric yet hilarious commercials and advertisements, and they gained exponential momentum and success as a company since. When you come up with a specific focus for your brand, whether that means you desire to look sophisticated and formal, or funny and hip like the new-and-improved Old Spice, you are better preparing your business for success. 

Be Consistent

The decision to rebrand is an exciting one, but make sure your decision is reflected across all of your outlets, not just your website or your logo. Ensure the changes you make in your company are represented throughout your website, your graphic designs, your physical location and even your social media platforms, as it is essential for brand consistency and the unification of your many marketing outlets. Show your audience that you are serious about the revamping of your company and show them that your company’s new makeover represents your commitment to providing the best services you have to offer.

Stand Out

Remember that your logo is often the face of your purpose, and it is vital to create a unique presence that potential customers can easily recognize and recall. An original and authentic brand will help you stand out from your competitors and help your overall reach. The strength of brand-product associations like Kleenex, Nike and Coca Cola are undeniable. If your current name or logo is lackluster, do not continue to sell your company short. Make your business’s purpose clear and recognizable, differentiating yourself from your competitors. Design plays a huge role in the perception of your company. Potential customers will be attracted to a fresh and intuitive design, and current customers will notice a proactive company that keeps up with the modern market. A rebrand can give your company a fresh new start that can help keep it on a trajectory of success.

Speak to a Digital Marketer at Zest to Learn More About the Benefits of Rebranding

Rebranding your business can improve your brand message, profits, overall reach and so much more, and although a rebrand is a challenging process that you should carefully consider before jumping into, the benefits can transform a business. For more information on the importance of a carefully crafted brand, check out this article about why a strong brand is a necessity, not an option, and take a look at Zest’s extensive client portfolio here. To learn more about how the digital marketing gurus at Zest can revitalize your brand, contact the digital marketing and brand design experts at Zest today!