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Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

Maybe you’re a small coffee shop that is just starting up and in dire need of a professional-looking website and someone to run your social media accounts. Maybe you’re a powerhouse law firm that is far too busy with important cases to worry about developing a marketing strategy. Maybe you’re a local business that already…

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Active Social Media: A Business’s Best Friend

Many business owners have a basic understanding of the benefits that social media has to offer—after all, who doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook account nowadays? Consistent posting on a variety of social media platforms helps to spread brand awareness, increase interaction with the community and even boost sales.  However, simply having an account is…

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Online Safety Protocols for Your Business

While Zest implements a variety of processes and best practices to ensure our client’s data is kept safe, online security is a team effort. With this in mind, here are some best practices to consider in order to help your company internally maintain the security of your data. Password Management and Generation Policies While implementing…

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