Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

Maybe you’re a small coffee shop that is just starting up and in dire need of a professional-looking website and someone to run your social media accounts. Maybe you’re a powerhouse law firm that is far too busy with important cases to worry about developing a marketing strategy. Maybe you’re a local business that already has an established marketing team, but could benefit from fresh new ideas from an external source. What do all three of these scenarios have in common? Each business could significantly benefit from hiring a marketing agency. Here, the digital marketing gurus at Zest explain the benefits of hiring a marketing agency to propel your marketing strategy to the next level, and how even companies with in-house marketing departments can benefit from outside help as well.

You Get an All-in-One Package That Suits Your Needs

Modern marketing endeavors require a wide range of tools, services and responsibilities to reach success, and a single marketing director can only wear so many hats at one time. Your marketing goals require strategic marketing counsel, website development, content and copywriting, social media marketing and reporting, a fresh logo, quality photography and design, a triple-shot of espresso so you can deal with the stress of meeting all these needs, you get the picture. You need a team that consists of passionate digital strategists who can leverage your brand and expand your web presence, creative graphic designers to bring your brand to life, and IT experts who can swoop in and save the day when there is a technical difficulty (let’s be real, those computer geeks are the real heroes here). This long list doesn’t even include the business development side of things—those experts you need on your side to manage outreach and niche building, foster community engagement, perform market research…shall we go on?

You definitely can’t expect just one marketing manager to handle this many responsibilities, and it’s surely way more expensive to pay the salaries of each individual digital strategist, designer and IT expert when you could receive these services from an agency on a much more affordable retainer. For less than the overhead cost of full-time employees, you can have access to the entire rainbow of digital marketing services and at the pace at which you require them. How ‘bout that?

You Benefit From Immediate Strategy Execution By the Professionals

While you surely know the ins-and-outs of your industry, you may not have the knowledge to use this information to best leverage your brand and develop an in-depth marketing strategy to reach your goals, whether that be increasing traffic to your website, boosting sales or simply getting your name out there, and that is a-okay. When you hire an agency to tell your story, you benefit from immediate strategy execution by the people who know the drill. Having a team on your side who understands the intricacies of your business and can communicate them to the appropriate audience is what agencies do, and you can relax knowing that your marketing endeavors are in good hands so you can focus on what you do best—running a successful business.

Your Company Can Benefit From a Fresh Set of Ideas

Maybe your company already has an in-house team of marketers and designers. Why the heck would you need to hire an agency, you might ask? Because it never hurts to get a fresh new perspective on things. Not only does consulting with an agency help fill in any marketing gaps you may have, but hearing a new perspective on how your marketing strategy could be improved not only helps combat the “island effect” that many in-house marketing teams can suffer from, but adds some extra elbow grease to help you complete even the most daunting projects.

Learn More From Our Zesty Team Today

In our digital world, it is nearly impossible to stay ahead of your competitors without an eye-catching and user-friendly website, the services of a visionary creative team, a killer social media marketing strategy and so many other tools that marketing agencies have to offer. Wondering about how you can benefit from our services? Talk to one of our team members about Outzesting, which provides individual solutions for every client who needs a team catered to their needs. Contact Zest today to learn how our team can be your team.