The Power of Community Marketing: Why Building Relationships With Consumers is a Must

In a world where we are constantly bombarded by advertising, it is more important than ever to develop meaningful, authentic relationships with consumers that cut through the noise. Community marketing is a critical component for fostering genuine business-to-consumer relationships. What is community marketing, you might be wondering? Here, the digital marketing pros at Zest define community marketing and its powerful ability to help your business shine through the chronic drone of empty, one-way advertising. 

What is Community Marketing?

Community marketing is all about developing an appealing and reciprocal brand presence that can effectively interact with existing consumers and help foster a community of loyal consumers. In other words, community marketing places value on building sustainable relationships with existing and valued clients, allowing conversations to continue and customers to be retained. Community marketing differs from other marketing strategies because it places a unique focus on preserving the business of current customers and nurturing relationships with them, instead of only focusing on gaining new customers. By attempting to satisfy your current clientele rather than focus on expanding your audience, you can improve your customer service, increase the likelihood of returning customers and even save money—it’s six to seven times more expensive to gain new customers than to retain an existing one! 

Why is There a Growing Trend Surrounding Community Marketing?

Advertising is everywhere. You can’t go on the Internet without seeing a Google ad; Facebook and Instagram ads are constantly being served in an effort to gain awareness or traffic; commercials are fed to us every time we turn on the television. While all of these marketing tactics have a place and a purpose, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out from the constant noise. For consumers who value brand authenticity and interaction, community marketing will be more attractive to them. It may be just the strategy you can use to retain customers amid the influx of marketing tactics we all recognize. Community marketing supports the natural inclination for customers to make a purchase that feels familiar—think about the power of name recognition for companies like Apple, Nike or Coca-Cola—and stick with one brand over spending time researching other options. Community marketing, therefore, saves both the business and consumer time and effort. 

How Can You Effectively Leverage Community Marketing?

There are plenty of ways businesses can approach their marketing strategy from a community-focused standpoint. While community marketing can be organic or sponsored, many consumers who uphold brand loyalty may put their trust in businesses that market and communicate to their community organically. This can be accomplished in a lot of ways: many businesses find success through utilizing Facebook groups and other social media platforms that allow for open communication and direct responses. Consumers are more likely to connect with brands that demonstrate their shared values and beliefs, and using social media is an effective and easy way to communicate your brand’s message to your audience. In addition to interacting with existing consumers through social media, you can nurture your community marketing strategy by maintaining contact with existing customers through other outlets. This can be accomplished by sending out newsletters and email blasts asking for feedback or containing exclusive coupons and deals to keep current customers coming back.

Build Meaningful Relationships with Your Consumers with the Help of Zest

While all businesses want to experience growth and an increase in consumers, it is just as important, if not more important, to connect and interact with existing consumers to build an online presence that feels communicative and genuine. Our zesty digital marketing gurus know the importance of community-based marketing and its potential to increase brand loyalty, save on costs and promote authenticity. To give your marketing strategy a little zest, contact our team of digital marketing professionals today!

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