How to Achieve a Cohesive Brand Image and the Benefits

Branding is a term you hear frequently these days, but what does it mean, and why is it important? Forbes identifies ‘brand image’ as a mix of the association’s consumers make based on every interaction they have with your business. Your image makes an impression, and that impression can help to determine how your customers view your business long term. Here, the marketing mavens at Zest delve into how you can build and achieve a cohesive brand image and the many benefits it can bring to your company. 

What are the Benefits of a Cohesive Brand Image? 

Millennials’ buying power is increasing every year, and 60% of millennial consumers expect a cohesive brand across all channels. In an effort to reach a large demographic that places significant value on brand authenticity, clearly defining your brand image is the first step. When your company has a cohesive image, you’re selling your brand as a whole, not just individual products and services.  Considering the tangible effects on your business, consistent branding across all channels has the potential to increase revenue by 23%. In short, a cohesive brand image means more money long-term, and who doesn’t want that? A one-time purchase may be great, but brand image leads to customer loyalty, developing repeat customers who share their love of your business with others. 

How do You Build Your Brand Image? 

The first step for any company building their brand image is to determine their target audience. Establishing who your customers are and what they respond to best will help you narrow down your marketing strategy in order to communicate effectively. Once you have your key audiences defined, you then need to establish your brand persona. Simply put, your brand persona is made up of the values, attitudes and personality traits that your company exemplifies. Creating a clear brand persona lets your customers know the style in which you communicate and the way your company defines itself. Millennials and Gen Z are drawn to companies that have similar values to them, and establishing your image will draw in like-minded consumers.  

After gaining a clear understanding of your intended customer base and brand persona, it’s time to move on to your messaging tactics. Messaging varies based on whether you’re marketing a product or a service, but is quite important in building your brand image. Your messages showcase your voice and are a large aspect of your brand persona. It can take 5-7 interactions before a customer remembers a brand, so finding your company’s voice early on will spark recognition and make your messaging synonymous with your company. Interested in participating in a Brand Messaging Consultation with an expert? Click here. 

How Do You Maintain Your Brand Image? 

Two words—consistency and engagement. Maintaining your brand image is just as important as establishing it, and consistency is key. This means consistency in your brand’s voice through all internal and external communication platforms. For example, if an organic food company takes pride in locally-sourced produce, then frequently sharing details about where your company is getting its food from will establish a strong pattern and build trust in your company to foster positive customer relationships. The more you can deliver on your messaging, the stronger and more credible your company will become.

Engagement with your customer base is another tool vital to maintaining your brand image. Customers want that feeling of personal connection with brands they’re passionate about, and engaging with them empowers your customers to continue talking about your brand outside of the world of social media. Word-of-mouth marketing creates traction among consumers, and the more your brand is talked about positively, the stronger the name recognition.

Zest Can Help You Define A Brand That Is True To Your Business

With all of the details that go into building your brand, we know it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help! Finding and maintaining your brand image will give your company long-term benefits and customer loyalty, help build relationships and ultimately increase profit. If you want to learn more from the branding gurus at Zest, contact our Towson office today