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What in the World is TikTok, and How is it Taking the Social Media Sphere by Storm?

By zestsms / October 17, 2019

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all staples in our social media lineup, but there’s a new platform that is currently on the rise—TikTok. Currently the world’s most downloaded iPhone app, TikTok is shaking up the social media sphere and providing a well-defined corner of the Internet for creators to gain traction and consumers to engage…

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Why Hire a Marketing Agency?

By zestsms / August 30, 2019

Maybe you’re a small coffee shop that is just starting up and in dire need of a professional-looking website and someone to run your social media accounts. Maybe you’re a powerhouse law firm that is far too busy with important cases to worry about developing a marketing strategy. Maybe you’re a local business that already…

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Key Strategies to Help Boost Shares of Your Content

By zestsms / April 25, 2019

Frustrated by the feeling of spending hours perfecting an article, graphic or social media post only for it to receive little-to-no shares? You’re not alone. In the ever-shifting sphere of digital marketing, the key strategies for maximizing the shares of your content are constantly changing as well, and it is our job to stay on…

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Brave New World: Virtual Instagram Influencers

By zestsms / March 10, 2019

First, Instagram was populated with savvy photographers posting filtered pictures with witty captions. Then, businesses and brands discovered the potential audience they could reach by creating their own Instagram accounts. As a result of this discovery, we witnessed the rise of influencers, who used their impact and creative touch to promote products and leverage their…

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Marketing Trends for 2019

By zestsms / December 27, 2018

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to focus on what’s in store for the marketing industry in 2019. Digital marketing is still a rapidly growing concept, which means that digital marketers have to continuously remain on the cutting-edge of marketing strategies and look ahead at future trends and patterns. In the digital marketing…

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Pay-Per-Click Basics: Starting an Optimized Google Adwords Campaign

By zestsms / October 26, 2018

An online advertising campaign would be incomplete without the use of Google Adwords—in 2015, the service held 30% of the global net ad revenue. A platform this popular, and this effective, can help take an initial advertisement idea and transform it into a killer campaign. Here, the digital marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions…

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Facebook Ads Part 2: Up Your Facebook Ad Game with Video Ads

By zestsms / September 17, 2018

In today’s digital age, it is wise for a business owner to consider Facebook video advertisements as a component of their marketing strategy. It has been well-documented that our society increasingly favors video content over written content. Its quick to watch, easy to understand and typically, very catchy. What’s not to like? Video ads drive…

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Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts: What is the Difference?

By zestsms / September 5, 2018

The world of social media marketing is new, innovative and rapidly-growing. It is also quite complex. Deciding between creating a Facebook advertisement or a boosted Facebook News Feed post can become a complicated decision when determining the pros and cons of both, and the decision becomes especially hard when you may not even know the…

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Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

By zestsms / October 24, 2017

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy will provide you with a road map to guide your marketing initiatives, allow you to gain meaningful customer insights, and most importantly promote business growth. Now is as good a time as ever to assess your business goals and develop a clear digital marketing strategy which will help you reach them!…

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Understanding the Facebook Census Discrepancy

By zestsms / September 27, 2017

By: Claire Hunt, Towson University  Reliable data involving viewership of an advertisement is essential to advertisers’ planning and reporting; new reports, however, show that Facebook hasn’t been holding up their end of the deal. It is important for advertisers to use proper perspective and discretion when considering this data. Following an Australian analyst’s assertion that…

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