Content Marketing Tips and Successes: 5 Ideas to Consider

By zestsms / June 5, 2019

Content marketing is one of the most effective forms of modern digital marketing, but to be effective, the content should be purposeful and specific. It is also critical to have a clear audience in mind and a strategy for utilizing and promoting content that propels your brand upwards. Here, the digital marketers at Zest explain…

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Google Ads: Key Issues to Be Aware Of

By zestsms / May 30, 2019

Google is an intricate system that holds trillions of unique individual pages, and the powerhouse search engine is crawling more and more websites every day. With the immense capacity that Google encompasses, it is important to be aware of what could be holding your ad campaigns back when they are not doing as well as…

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Key Strategies to Help Boost Shares of Your Content

By zestsms / April 25, 2019

Frustrated by the feeling of spending hours perfecting an article, graphic or social media post only for it to receive little-to-no shares? You’re not alone. In the ever-shifting sphere of digital marketing, the key strategies for maximizing the shares of your content are constantly changing as well, and it is our job to stay on…

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How Google Search Works and Why it Matters For Your Website

By zestsms / February 25, 2019

Perhaps the most powerful search engine on the Internet, Google generates search results using a complex algorithm—otherwise, it would be virtually impossible to keep track of all of the information available on the web. Since a majority of today’s consumers take to the web to seek out a certain product or service, prioritizing your website’s…

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Why a Strong Brand is a Necessity, Not an Option

By zestsms / November 28, 2018

The act of branding your company encompasses far more than attaching a colorful logo to your product or throwing a catchy tagline on your website’s homepage. Your brand is your essence; your message; your story—your brand communicates to your customers that you not only provide a service or product they may benefit from but that…

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How Long Does it Take Google to Index a New Page? (And 11 Ways to Speed it Up)

By zestsms / October 16, 2018

Every time Google adopts a new algorithm, our responsibility as digital marketers is to navigate its intricacies to remain on the cutting-edge of Google search techniques—and when we create a new website, it is essential that we manage its searchability.  Here, the zesty digital marketers at Zest Social Media Solutions discuss how Google receives information,…

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SEO For Starters

By zestsms / December 22, 2016

SEO should not be considered a one-time fix, but a long-term web strategy that is based on your company’s ability to dedicate time and effort to producing quality material and consistently improving user experience. Here are four best practices for improving your SEO strategies in the long term without investing substantial resources: On-site optimization is…

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