Active Social Media: A Business’s Best Friend

By zestsms / August 21, 2019

Many business owners have a basic understanding of the benefits that social media has to offer—after all, who doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook account nowadays? Consistent posting on a variety of social media platforms helps to spread brand awareness, increase interaction with the community and even boost sales.  However, simply having an account is…

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Online Safety Protocols for Your Business

By zestsms / August 12, 2019

While Zest implements a variety of processes and best practices to ensure our client’s data is kept safe, online security is a team effort. With this in mind, here are some best practices to consider in order to help your company internally maintain the security of your data. Password Management and Generation Policies While implementing…

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SEO: There’s Always Room for Improvement

By zestsms / February 14, 2018

By: Charlie Kibbe, Towson University Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of any small business’ marketing strategy.  Every business wants to be at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and SEO is the way to get yourself there.  But SEO isn’t a one-and-done strategy; it takes continuous work and improvement…

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Zest Invited to SPSG STEAM Career Explorers Event

By zestsms / November 15, 2017

On Wednesday, November 8, St Paul’s School for Girls welcomed nearly 75 students from over 16 area schools to their second annual STEAM Career Explorers Event, part of the Maryland STEM Festival. The event is designed to expose students from grades 4-12 to careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students…

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Increasing Customer Engagement Through Content

By zestsms / November 13, 2017

You do not create content for your company in a vacuum—the expectation is that your audience will respond and engage in meaningful ways. But, how do you create content that encourages your customers to engage? Here, the marketing aficionados at Zest Social Media Solutions provide tips and tricks for increasing customer engagement through content. Choose…

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Back to Basics: An Introduction to Marketing on Twitter

By zestsms / November 7, 2016

In the first installment of a series, the digital media gurus at Zest explore the marketing capabilities of Twitter and highlight several of its features for promoting your business online. Even by social media standards, Twitter is a challenging platform for businesses to navigate. Information streams onto the site at an accelerated rate, making it…

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Forget Creepy Clowns: These Website Mistakes are Terrifying

By zestsms / October 31, 2016

In today’s digital world, it is nearly impossible to run a successful business without the support of an online presence. To some business owners, this means contracting a digital marketing company—ahem—to reach new audiences and improve brand awareness. However, such efforts can be in vain when businesses do not have an adequate website to support…

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So, You Want to Execute a Social Media Campaign?

By zestsms / September 23, 2016

The digital media strategists from Zest Social Media Solutions discuss important factors for executing a successful social media campaign. It’s no big news that social media plays one of the most important roles in reaching your audience and driving website traffic. It is a vital tool that if utilized properly, can maximize goals and produce…

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6 Misleading Google Analytics Metrics

By zestsms / January 4, 2016

Google Analytics is a measurement tool that companies commonly use to track their website’s traffic and performance data. This program offers countless metrics that can be used to analyze virtually any aspect of the website that is being tracked. Although many of these metrics are relatively straightforward to understand, there are some figures that may…

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How to Maximize SEO Efforts through Content

By zestsms / May 11, 2015

With the plethora of marketing resources available to the public, it should come as no surprise that developing valuable content is the key to increasing visibility in search. For many first-time producers, the concept is fairly cut and dry. Users pull up a search engine, type in keywords or a question and press enter. Within…

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