Zest | Title Sponsor of 2014 Swing for Education

By zestsms / September 29, 2014

Zest makes $10,000 donation to Education Foundation for Baltimore County Public Schools and MANSEF through sponsoring Swing for Education Annual Golf Classic. We have had the privilege to work closely with Debbie Phelps and the Education Foundation for Baltimore County Public Schools for the past few years. The experience has been nothing short of outstanding,…

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Zest sponsors 4th Annual Taste of Towson

By zestsms / September 18, 2014

Zest is a proud sponsor of the Towson Chamber of Commerce’s 4th Annual Taste of Towson. The event features more than 30 restaurants and bars from the Towson area who are putting on a gourmet showcase sure to wet any appetite. Zest is one of several local Towson companies helping to put on the new…

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Tim Bojanowski named to the VIP List by the Maryland Daily Record

By zestsms / June 20, 2014

Zest’s Tim Bojanowski was recognized by the Maryland Daily Record in being named to the publication’s list of Very Important Professionals Successful Before the Age of 40 for 2014. The award recognizes young professionals who are 40 and under whose creativity and entrepreneurial spirit already are contributing to a new energy in Maryland.  Winners were…

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Zest nominated for Baltimore County Planning Office award.

By zestsms / June 10, 2014

Zest Social Media Solutions was nominated for an award at The Baltimore County Planning Office’s first Commercial Revitalization Reception & Awards Ceremony. This event will recognize businesses, property owners, volunteers, and organizations that contribute to the well-being of Baltimore County’s Commercial Revitalization Districts. Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz will be in attendance as a special guest.. The awards…

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Zest donates sponsorship event to Erika Brannock Fund

By zestsms / June 13, 2013

 Zest Social Media Solutions is a proud Signature Sponsor of the Baltimore County Bar Association. The sponsorship entitles each sponsor to serve as the honorary host of one of the BCBA’s ten signature events each year. The company was pleased to be selected as the host of the hospitality suite at the MSBA Annual Conference…

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Come as you are.

By zestsms / April 29, 2013

Can’t say I was ever much of a Nirvana fan. I wouldn’t say I disliked them either, but that is beside the point. One of Kurt Cobain’s legacies is a message that is both profoundly simple and simply profound. Come as you are. Early 90’s grunge music is not my typical inspiration for business advice,…

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Statistically Irrelevant

By zestsms / April 18, 2013

Numbers may never lie, but they rarely tell the whole truth. People consider statistical support of information as important. However, more important than the actual statistics is the ability to explain the variables that the statistics represent. Most importantly, statistics should always serve as a supplement to a point rather than the foundation of one.

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The predator that killed Myspace

By zestsms / March 24, 2011

An article was recently posted on Soshable.com discussing the fall of the MySpace empire. The author named Mr. Rupert Murdoch as the culprit. To be fair, it is not very original to blame Rupert Murdoch for anything now-a-days. He’s a popular target, managing to assume public blame for everything from people not having health insurance to people…

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Your future office

By zestsms / March 17, 2011

I don’t often spill the beans on this secret, but I am sort of psychic. It’s true. I have the ability to predict most any future office. I can see yours now. It’s white. There are pictures displayed along the middle of it. The background seems clean. I can read the listing address. It reads,…

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