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Zest has become one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the area through a personal approach to supporting clients in their efforts to tell their stories more effectively. We don't try to fit clients into boxes straight off the shelf. We tailor our efforts to the specific needs and objectives of the task at hand.  Zest was built on the premise that good marketing requires more than just service or subscriptions.
It requires people.

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Social Media Advertising

Advertising is being redefined by social media technology. Tailor your content in ways you always wanted. Target your audience in ways you never thought possible. Reach people where you want to, when you want to, how they want to see it through social advertising at a fraction of the cost of traditional and broadcast advertisements.


Make digital media marketing more accountable with

Marketing Modeling & Enablement

Sure, we're experts on Facebook Business Solutions and Google Adwords. Yes, we are creators of beautiful and engaging content. But, we think it's most important that we have analysts and marketing models to help you see how your marketing impacts sales. KPI's, CPM's, SEO, ROI... bring on the acronym, and we'll help you understand and improve it.

Let our team be your team

OutZesting is a better way to "staff up"

You need people, but you don't necessarily need to hire them full-time. OutZesting provides a solution for marketing coordination job responsibilities, but bundled with access to digital media experts, graphic designers, programmers and content specialists... for less than the overhead cost of full-time employees.


Reach new audiences through

Ambassador & Influence Marketing

Endorsements and spokespeople aren't a thing of the past. They just look different. We help clients use social media influence advertising and marketing to align brands and deliver message to targeted audiences. It makes celebrity television advertisements look like an expensive ancient relic.

Don’t be Discouraged by Rising Facebook CPM Costs

At some point, all good things must come to an end. That time is now for Facebook’s advertising cost per mille (CPM) of under $5.00. For us social marketers, we…

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SEO For Starters

SEO should not be considered a one-time fix, but a long-term web strategy that is based on your company’s ability to dedicate time and effort to producing quality material and…

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The Recent Changes to Adwords Ad Bids, Demystified

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the words ‘Google Adwords’? We understand – the platform’s capabilities are overwhelming. Recent changes to the Adwords platform have made it a…

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Marketing Your Business Through the Holiday Season

Written by Colin Dougherty, Towson University 2016 The winter holiday season is the most important time of year for businesses to capitalize on sales and opportunistic campaigns. Customers are comparing…

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Back to Basics: An Introduction to Marketing on Twitter

In the first installment of a series, the digital media gurus at Zest explore the marketing capabilities of Twitter and highlight several of its features for promoting your business online….

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Forget Creepy Clowns: These Website Mistakes are Terrifying

In today’s digital world, it is nearly impossible to run a successful business without the support of an online presence. To some business owners, this means contracting a digital marketing…

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Social Media Influencers: A New Class of Voice in Brand Marketing

Written by Colin Dougherty, Towson University 2016 The social media strategists at Zest Social Media Solutions discuss how incorporating a social media influencer into your campaign can greatly impact your…

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Stunning and Successful Instagram Feeds: A How-To

The digital marketing gurus at Zest lay out a strategy for building engaging and effective Instagram feeds. Over 500 million people currently use the mobile app Instagram, and over half…

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So, You Want to Execute a Social Media Campaign?

The digital media strategists from Zest Social Media Solutions discuss important factors for executing a successful social media campaign. It’s no big news that social media plays one of the…

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The Snapchat Revolution: The New Home of Grassroots Marketing

The mobile application Snapchat started in 2011, and just as it has grown, so has the popularity of impermanence in a digital world of timestamped virtual timelines. The company is…

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