You Needa Team.

About Our Team

Above everything else, Zest is a team of people that cares about our clients, our community and our work. Zest was founded in 2009 as the first social media agency in Maryland. In the time since, we have grown our team to constantly adapt and evolve our capabilities and resources for our clients as they advance their digital media and marketing efforts.

We recognize the challenges that businesses face when working with marketing agencies. That’s why we don’t use that word much. In reality, businesses don’t need agencies - they need people.

Businesses need people who understand the importance of their brand. Businesses need people who understand how to use the appropriate marketing tools and technology. Businesses need people who understand the impact of a schedule and a budget on their companies. Our team is made up of those people.


Tim Bojanowski


Ali Lemon


Aimee Chapdelaine Mason

Vice President of Account Services

Robert Gurlik

Senior Specialist - Creative Team Leader

Mike Wyant

Director of Digital Marketing

Sara Kantner

Account Strategist

Maria Askey

Account Strategist

Courtney Chisolm

Account Strategist

Isa Garcia

Associate Account Strategist

Rachael Wade

Senior Specialist

Cassidy Kolczun

Creative Specialist

Andrew Brown

Creative Specialist

Isabelle Conover

Creative Specialist

Bilaal Daghar

Senior Specialist

Charlie Kibbe

Digital Specialist

Margarita Cambest

Senior Content Specialist

Eileen Crawford

Digital Specialist

Gaige DuBois

Associate Specialist

Abby Shimanek

Account Services Coordinator

It’s time you stop wearing so many hats.