Ali Lemon Principal

Ali Lemon is a secret weapon and a magician. Zest’s leading lady may not wear a magic hat, but she does carry around a big bag (or Big Skinny) of tricks. Her easygoing approach to the technology is commonly referred to as a breath of fresh air due to the ease of the manner in which Lemon explains the practice.

“Without all of the jargon, Ali makes it simple and easy for dinosaurs like me to understand how things work and why,” said Nip Jenkins of the Law Offices of J. Calvin Jenkins. ”I would be completely lost in all of this without her.”
She describes herself as a grilled-cheese sandwich connoisseur, and says other people find her unique because she can find humor in most anything.

The Goods

Currently Binging: Fargo

Latest Minor Life Accomplishment: Slept for five consecutive hours

Dance Move: Cupid Shuffle, don’t doubt it.

Beer of Choice: Scratch that, Marg of Choice*

Do you need to chat with Ali? Send an email at alemon@zestsms.com