Active Social Media: A Business’s Best Friend

Many business owners have a basic understanding of the benefits that social media has to offer—after all, who doesn’t have an Instagram or Facebook account nowadays? Consistent posting on a variety of social media platforms helps to spread brand awareness, increase interaction with the community and even boost sales. 

However, simply having an account is not providing your business with the proper exposure it needs to grow. Most businesses do not take advantage of these options, either by posting too infrequently or failing to create a purposeful content plan that accurately represents their brand. Here, the social media marketers at Zest discuss ways you can up your social media game to gain followers and grow your business.

Streamline Communication with Consumers

Creating social media accounts for your business can help streamline your communication with consumers and optimize your customer service experience. Not only is this useful for customer interaction, but it serves as a complement to your established customer service methods, whether they occur over the phone or through contact forms. Social media accounts should be actively monitored to ensure communication with your customers is immediate, whether you communicate through live chat or in comments. Not only is replying to customers’ comments on a post an effective way to answer questions, but it also provides a transparent view of your problem-solving process. Other customers can view how you handled an issue or request, and will note your promptness and courtesy. When it comes to standing out against your competitors on social media, it is the little details that matter.

Cultivate a Strong Brand Presence 

Targeting potential customers is also simplified with the use of social media. Hashtags used on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook give you the ability to categorize or label your product or service, giving clients and potential clients the ability you by searching based on their interests. Your company can cultivate personal connections with your followers through posting authentic and eye-catching photos, writing humorous captions, creating polls and so much more. Get creative with your content and the voice you are trying to convey to your audience—not only will maintaining a consistent voice for your online presence create trust with your followers, but you can have fun crafting unique posts that engage your audience and represent the values of your company.

Run Ad Campaigns

While individuals who choose to follow your social media profile will see your posts, by choosing to also run paid advertising campaigns, you are able to reach new people and exponentially grow your audience. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads allow your business to target users based on their unique location, education level, purchase behavior and much more. This targeting ability transforms the landscape of your marketing strategy and allows you to cater your efforts to the appropriate audience. You can even run ads through Instagram Stories and Facebook Messenger, expanding the range of options for connecting your services to the people who can benefit from them.

Speak to a Zesty Social Media Marketer to Create a Plan that is Right for Your Business

Building a brand and business is a difficult task, but fear not! Enlist the help of a zesty social media marketer to create a presence for your business on social media and regularly interact with your audience and industry. If you are interested in more information on how to develop and actively maintain your social media accounts, contact the digital marketing gurus at Zest today!

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