Rachael Wade Creative Specialist

A 2015 graduate of Stevenson University, Rachael Wade is a part of the Creative Team at Zest. She’s a big tutorial nerd and loves to hone her skills by learning new design techniques. Her life would be complete if she got a chance to attend the How Design Conference (nudge nudge, Tim!)

But her artistic and creative talents do not end at designing beautiful assets for clients—she is also a prolific soap and candle maker, as well as an oil painter and crochet aficionado (one day she’ll make a top-notch grandma.) Her retired racing greyhound, Lucy, and her black cat, Cat, keep her company in her tiny one-bedroom apartment, which also houses 40+ houseplants. Rachael’s quirky personality and expert design skills make her a welcome asset in our Creative Department!

The Goods

Currently Binging: Frasier, The Office and The Wire

Latest Minor Life Accomplishment: Started a successful side hustle making homemade soaps and candles

Dance Move: The Time Warp

Beer of Choice: Corona in the summer & Guinness in the winter

Do you need to chat with Rachael? Send an email at Rachael@zestsms.com

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