Acts 4 Youth

Acts4Youth is a non-profit organization that seeks to nurture personal, social and spiritual growth for at-risk youth in Baltimore City Schools through comprehensive mentoring programs in order to see Baltimore City youth restored to personal, social and spiritual wholeness so they may thrive within their communities. While their mission and vision were robust, Acts4Youth had little in terms of a cohesive or modern-looking brand. With this in mind, the Zest Creative Team developed a new logo and website for the non-profit to highlight their youth-oriented endeavors.



Logo Development

Zest's Creative Team was commissioned to create a new logo for Acts4Youth. The goal was to create a friendly, youthful design to reflect the mission of the organization. Bright green and blues were paired with a rounded sans serif font to achieve the desired effect. Emphasis was placed on the "4" as in the previous logo design, but updated with a modern, fun tile effect that also represent Acts4Youth's goal to "fill in the missing pieces of adulthood."

Logo Variations

Versatility is an important aspect of any logo, and the new Acts4Youth logo has just that. The pieces of the logo have the potential to separate and rearrange to fit different brand assets as needed.


Custom icons were created by Zest's Creative Team for use on Acts4Youth's home page. The icons represent the "Missing Pieces to Adulthood" that Acts4Youth helps to fill in: Character, Emotional Maturity, Life & Social Skills and Faith. The icons use brand colors and incorporate a slight overlay to give the shapes some dimension.


Web Development


The development of Acts4Youth's logo helped to guide our designers on the best style palette for the website. A class act and Zest favorite, Proxima Nova was chosen for the body and headers on the website. Is this paragraph easy to read? That's because it's displayed in Proxima Nova 🙂

Home Page

The home page of Acts4Youth's website features a few core sections including a hero landing image with a call to action, "What We Do," "Our Programs," "Testimonials" and "Support." The design is clean and modern, with lots of space between the sections, making the information easy to digest for the user.


A custom "Testimonials" module features quotes about the Acts4Youth program and team. The bright green speech bubble radiates with praise from those who have benefited from the program. Testimonials go a long way to raising the credibility level of any service provider. If there is a place for us to feature reviews on a website, we always jump at the opportunity.

UI/UX Responsiveness

The user experience on the Acts4Youth website is seamless. Whether a user is on their desktop, tablet or phone, the design of the website ensures all information is accessible. Nowadays, responsive websites are the standard, but our team has to go a step further to ensure that the custom modules (with three different designs!) we created are consistent with each other regardless of the platform on which the client accesses the site.

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